We pride ourselves on offering affordable artwork and woodwork for you to enjoy.

Prices will vary depending on size, materials used, and time spent on details / embellishments. Each item is painted freehand (no stencils used here!) which makes each project unique and one of a kind! We spend hours perfecting each piece and customizing each order to fit your particular style. 

Anything you see in our Gallery section can be completely customized. If you like the artwork but want different colors / fonts, or if you want a different background altogether, each piece can be customized to match your vision! If something is not pictured in our Gallery section but you have a particular idea for a custom piece of artwork, we can work with anything! From big to small, circle to square, if the surface can be painted on, we can make your vision become a reality!

Price List

Wooden Panel with Pegs (Mask holder / key holder / coat holder) - $20.00 small, $30.00 large

Custom Canvas Paintings - $50 - $125

Custom Quotes / Sayings (painted on wood) - $15+

Custom Signs (painted on slate) - $20+

Seascapes (painted on wood) - $125 - $250

"Paint the Town" Series (folk art style) - $150+

Decorative Wood Panels - $75+

Glassware - $10 - $15 per pair (these are heat treated so they are safe to drink from but they are not dishwasher safe)

Doorway Arches - $65+

Growth Charts - $75 - $125

Framed Birth Announcements - $50 - $75

Embellished Wedding Invitations (framed) - $75+

Framed Quotes / Poems - $35+

Trivets (wood base with ceramic tile) - $25+

Painted Bricks - $30+

Decorative Mailboxes - $75+

If you don't see a price for a piece of artwork you may be interested in, please email us!